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A truly twisted film.

Reviewed on September 13, 2017

This is my second time watching Rogue One and for some reason I enjoyed it better this time round. I love Star Wars a lot the story, concept, Characters and the actors,for Rogue One I guess I was a little too skeptical since this isn't really an addition to the story but as a movie it's great, action-packed and thrilling all the way through with superb CGI effects. The acting takes this Star Wars Series in a new direction but still strong and very precise much like the previous recent Star Wars movies without losing that lighthearted touch of comedy.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good watch.

Reviewed on August 30, 2017

In a world where a mysterious air-born virus is turning people into a zombie state, Paul (Joal Edgerton) and his family are managing to survive by confining themselves in their boarded up house.

It Comes at Night was certainly not the movie I was expecting as it's marketing would have you believe it was a ghost movie or maybe something a bit like "Hush", however it's not like any of those nor is it a zombie movie. To me this came across as a drama mystery with some elements of horror; the only aspect it pulled off in my opinion was the drama. Joel Edgerton played his character well but there really isn't much else going for it mostly because of the let down ending.

Should you watch the film? I would give it a try because it's atmospherically enveloping and you may enjoy the story. The main downsides are that it wont really please any certain set of cult fans as each of the generic elements are lukewarm. The other one is the build up to an ending which never really happens.

A lukewarm drama with some horror elements but nothing to please fans of any particular genre.

Reviewed on August 30, 2017

A great documentary and one of Werner Herzogs' best ever. Grizzly Man tells the story of Timothy Treadwell who "lived" with bears for more than 13 years documenting them himself on film with the occasional company of his girlfriend Amie Huguenard. Timothy is a strange yet likeable character and though his own footage we see how much he loved animals and passing that passion on to younger generations.

This story ends in tragedy after an overdue stay in the Alaskan wilderness. Brown Bears are one of the most dangerous animals on Earth and particularly so just before hibernation season which is when Timothy gets eaten by one.

Reviewed on August 22, 2017

The Den starts out in a promising way but like many "found footage" movies ultimately descends into a lacklustre ending. Not really worth the watch.

Reviewed on August 21, 2017

Well made movie but dreadfully boring, fell asleep halfway through.

Reviewed on August 17, 2017

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