My trips to the cinema 2004

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The year I was introduced to what the Museum of the Moving Image became and the cinema I rely on the most for big movies today. And I don't mean Cineworld. Go here to see the two events I attended:


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Peter Pan (2003)

Adventure Fantasy Family
All children grow up except one.

In stifling Edwardian London, Wendy Darling mesmerizes her brothers every night with bedtime tales of swordplay, swashbuckling and the fearsome Captain Hook. But the children become the heroes of an even greater story, when Peter Pan flies into their nursery one night and leads them over moonlit rooftops through a galaxy of stars and to the lush jungles of Neverland.

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Vote count 530 Vote avg 68 Release date 2003-12-25

★★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: January 2nd | CINEMA: The Filmworks | LOCATION: Greenwich


Good Boy! (2003)

Comedy Family Science Fiction
Rover is about to take over.

An intergalactic dog pilot from Sirius (the dog star), visits Earth to verify the rumors that dogs have failed to take over the planet.

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Vote count 25 Vote avg 45 Release date 2003-10-10

★½ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: January | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

Comedy Drama Family
Growing pains? They've got twelve of them!

The Baker brood moves to Chicago after patriarch Tom gets a job coaching football at Northwestern University, forcing his writer wife, Mary, and the couple's 12 children to make a major adjustment. The transition works well until work demands pull the parents away from home, leaving the kids bored -- and increasingly mischievous.

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Vote count 539 Vote avg 58 Release date 2003-12-24

★½ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: February | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Tooth (2004)

Drama Fantasy
Only one fairy has the courage to bring the magic back...

Tooth is a young, feisty Tooth Fairy, who lives in a world called Fairytopia that has lost its ability to use magic. Fed up with the way most fairies have forgotten about magic, she decides to give away all of its money. When Tooth begins to understand how much trouble she is in, she realizes the only person who can help is the legendary Mrs. C, who disappeared, along with magic over 100 years ago. Teaming up with two human children and a number of fairies, who are living incognito amongst humans she sets off on the adventure of a lifetime. Pursued by the evil Plug, a terrifying fairy hunter and his posse, the race is on to save the world before Christmas, Easter and all the holidays are ruined forever.

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Vote count 3 Vote avg 18 Release date 2004-02-13

½ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: February 14th | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

Animation Comedy Family
Real life has never been so animated.

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are up to their feuding ways again. Tired of playing second fiddle to Bugs, Daffy has decided to leave the Studio for good. He is aided by Warner Bros.' humor impaired Vice President of Comedy, Kate Houghton, who releases him from his contract and instructs WB security guard/aspiring stunt man DJ Drake to capture and "escort" Daffy off the studio lot.

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Vote count 216 Vote avg 55 Release date 2003-11-14

★★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: February 15th | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath | SHORTS: The Whizzard of Ow (★★★)


Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (2004)

Adventure is an attitude.

With all-new gadgets, high-flying action, exciting chases and a wisecracking new handler, Derek (Anthony Anderson), Cody has to retrieve the device before the world's leaders fall under the evil control of a diabolical villain.

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Vote count 114 Vote avg 51 Release date 2004-12-03

★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: March | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004)

Mystery Fantasy Adventure
They came. They saw. They ran.

When Mystery, Inc. are guests of honor at the grand opening of the Coolsville Museum of Criminology, a masked villain shows up and creates havoc before stealing the costumes of the gang's most notorious villains...Could it be that their nemesis, mad scientist Jonathan Jacobo has returned and is trying to recreate their deadliest foes?

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Vote count 362 Vote avg 52 Release date 2004-03-24

★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: April | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


The Cat in the Hat (2003)

Comedy Fantasy Family
Don't mess with the hat.

Conrad and Sally Walden are home alone with their pet fish. It is raining outside, and there is nothing to do. Until The Cat in the Hat walks in the front door. He introduces them to their imagination, and at first it's all fun and games, until things get out of hand, and The Cat must go, go, go, before their parents get back.

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Vote count 284 Vote avg 48 Release date 2003-11-21

★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: April | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Shrek 2 (2004)

Adventure Animation Comedy
Once upon another time...

Shrek, Fiona and Donkey set off to Far, Far Away to meet Fiona's mother and father. But not everyone is happy. Shrek and the King find it hard to get along, and there's tension in the marriage. The fairy godmother discovers that Shrek has married Fiona instead of her Son Prince Charming and sets about destroying their marriage.

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Vote count 2,237 Vote avg 66 Release date 2004-05-19

★★★★½ | SCREENING: Advanced | DATE: June 26th | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Around the World in 80 Days (2004)

Action Adventure Comedy
Let your imagination soar.

A bet pits a British inventor, a Chinese thief and a French artist on a worldwide adventure that they can circle the globe in 80 days.

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Vote count 518 Vote avg 57 Release date 2004-06-16

★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: July | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Thunderbirds (2004)

Action Adventure Comedy

Dangerous missions are the bread and butter of the Thunderbirds, a high-tech secret force employed by the government. Led by Jeff Tracy (Bill Paxton), the Thunderbirds are at the top of their game, but their nemesis, The Hood (Ben Kingsley), has landed on their island and is attempting a coup by using the team's rescue vehicles. He'll soon discover that the Thunderbirds won't go down.

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Vote count 76 Vote avg 41 Release date 2004-07-23

★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: July | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Two Brothers (2004)

Adventure Drama Family
Two infant tiger cubs, separated from their parents and each other.

Two tigers are separated as cubs and taken into captivity, only to be reunited years later as enemies by an explorer (Pearce) who inadvertently forces them to fight each other.

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Vote count 144 Vote avg 69 Release date 2004-04-07

★★★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: July | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Garfield (2004)

Animation Comedy Family
Get ready for frisky business.

Garfield, the fat, lazy, lasagna lover, has everything a cat could want. But when Jon, in an effort to impress the Liz - the vet and an old high-school crush - adopts a dog named Odie and brings him home, Garfield gets the one thing he doesn't want. Competition.

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Vote count 607 Vote avg 52 Release date 2004-06-10

★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: July | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Toy Story (1995)

Animation Comedy Family

Led by Woody, Andy's toys live happily in his room until Andy's birthday brings Buzz Lightyear onto the scene. Afraid of losing his place in Andy's heart, Woody plots against Buzz. But when circumstances separate Buzz and Woody from their owner, the duo eventually learns to put aside their differences.

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Vote count 4,026 Vote avg 76 Release date 1995-10-30

★★★★★ | SCREENING: Q&A, Film Funday | DATE: August 21st | CINEMA: National Film Theatre | LOCATION: London | SHORTS: Boundin' (★★★★) | NOTE: This was an early screening of the short with a special workshop by Bud Luckey


Shark Tale (2004)

Animation Action Comedy
The story of what happens when one little fish tells a great white lie...

Oscar is a small fish whose big aspirations often get him into trouble. Meanwhile, Lenny is a great white shark with a surprising secret that no sea creature would guess: He's a vegetarian. When a lie turns Oscar into an improbable hero and Lenny becomes an outcast, the two form an unlikely friendship.

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Vote count 1,179 Vote avg 58 Release date 2004-09-20

★½ | SCREENING: Advanced | DATE: October 2nd | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Back to Gaya (2004)

Animation Fantasy

The beautiful world of Gaya is home to a community of creatures, known as the Snurks, who are much smaller than humans, but who have an uncanny resemblance to them. But the Snurks are facing imminent danger. Someone has stolen the magic stone called Dalamite without which this world is doomed. Two Snurks named Boo and Zino embark on a dangerous mission to track down and recover the stone. As they attempt to find the stone, their journey takes them into another world that is both strange and frightening!

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Vote count 20 Vote avg 54 Release date 2004-03-18

★★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: October 25th | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Raining Cats and Frogs (2003)


It's a catastrophe! A flood has hit our planet and an unusual group of people are all that remains. Led by Ferdinand, a modern day Noah, this little group have managed to defy the furiously raging elements. People and animals alike are dragged through this incredible whirlpool of an adventure.

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Vote count 16 Vote avg 66 Release date 2003-12-03

★★★½ | SCREENING: London Film Festival | DATE: October 28th | CINEMA: National Film Theatre | LOCATION: London


Five Children and It (2004)

Adventure Fantasy Drama
You are invited to discover the secret...

A Psammead is 'It', an ancient, irritable, ugly sand fairy, which five children find one day in a gravel pit. As a reward for finding him, It grants the children one wish a day, the results of which will last until sunset.

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Vote count 56 Vote avg 54 Release date 2004-10-15

★★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: October 29th | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


Home on the Range (2004)

Animation Family
Bust a Moo

When a greedy outlaw schemes to take possession of the "Patch Of Heaven" dairy farm, three determined cows, a karate-kicking stallion and a colorful corral of critters join forces to save their home. The stakes are sky-high as this unlikely animal alliance risk their hides and match wits with a mysterious band of bad guys.

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Vote count 295 Vote avg 58 Release date 2004-04-02

★★½ | SCREENING: Movies for Juniors | DATE: November 13th | CINEMA: Cineworld | LOCATION: Bexleyheath


The Incredibles (2004)

Action Adventure Animation
No gut, no glory

Bob Parr has given up his superhero days to log in time as an insurance adjuster and raise his three children with his formerly heroic wife in suburbia. But when he receives a mysterious assignment, it's time to get back into costume.

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Vote count 3,966 Vote avg 73 Release date 2004-11-05

★★★★★ | SCREENING: Gallery | DATE: November 27th | CINEMA: Showcase | LOCATION: Bluewater | SHORTS: Boundin'


The Polar Express (2004)

Animation Adventure Family
This holiday season... believe.

When a doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that shows him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.

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Vote count 1,145 Vote avg 64 Release date 2004-11-10

★★★ | SCREENING: Regular | DATE: December | CINEMA: Showcase | LOCATION: Bluewater | NOTE: Almost was Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason until the cinema was notified



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