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Yorick van Wageninge

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yorick van Wageningen (born 16 April 1964 in Baarn) is a Dutch actor. show more..


1964-04-16 - is 54 years old




Baarn, Utrecht, Netherlands


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movie poster for 47 Ronin
movie poster for Blackhat
movie poster for The New World
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Movie career

Storm - Letter of Fire (2017)

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Blackhat (2015)

We are no longer in control.
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47 Ronin (2013)

For courage. For loyalty. For honour.
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The Way (2010)

You don't choose a life. You live one.
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Winter in Wartime (2008)

In 1945 Holland, a boy must choose between good and evil.
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The New World (2005)

Once discovered, it was changed forever.
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Beyond Borders (2003)

Where hope survives.
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