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This movie was really quite awesome. It takes the internet reality game show horror genre which has calved a solid niche in the last 15 + years and kept it really simple with just a phone and ever increasingly intense "challenges". If the protagonist completes all 13 he gets to keep millions of dollars which have incrementally surmounted starting at $1000 for killing a fly.

13 Sins ensures a wtf moment around every corner, unfortunately I think this also happened to the director upon realising there would have to be a well-rounded ending in the closing stages of filming. It just felt that the beginning and middle took such a charge it was basically impossible to make an ending that would fully satisfy an eager movie fan.

An equivalency could be made with the T.V show lost except you don't have to wait years for it, non the less it moves this movie from a 4 to a 3.5 for me.

Come to think about it the end part of the film almost completely disintegrates due to bad (or at least not very well thought out) plot twists which some viewers may find nice, for me they were just not plausible in some cases. Never the less 13 Sins is still Highly recommended by me.

Reviewed on December 05, 2017

As a fan of the series I was a little disappointed with this one. To me it just didn't live up to many of the promises made, one of which being to give more clues about the origin of the creeper. The film had it's moments and there were some really great scenes but overall as a movie it felt a little cobbled together; more like a bunch of separate scenes spliced into a feature length film.

The CGI in some places is really tacky too which gives off strong "B movie" vibes. This is unfortunate because the original 2001 title does not at all and it was made on a slim, by Hollywood standards, $10 million budget.

What the film did reveal about the creeper is very strange indeed. One has to wonder whether the creature is actually a self manifestation of Victor Salvas' mind because of his criminal past. Despite the creeper being a super powerful demon, it's cursed by its past (only awakening to a mortal coil for 23 days every 23 years). The part that led me to this hypothesis mainly was the creature seems to be afraid of the those who know its past as that is the only way to kill it according to the characters. In of the final moments in the film the creeper decides to stop pursuing it's victims upon finding out they "know what it really is". A surprising Achilles heel.

Jeepers Creepers 3 has some great scenes that are on point with the first two movies. But as a movie I think your judgements will be left in the middle as mine are.

Reviewed on November 10, 2017

I thought was going to be rubbish after watching the first few scenes. However it quickly develops into a rollercoaster of a physiological horror that has a great original plot, a rarity in movies these days. It's difficult to make an in-depth review of the title without the risk of giving anything away, as what makes it a good movie is learning the intricacies of funeral parlour owner Eliot Deacon's "gift". It's best that you know as little as possible about how the plot develops before watching it.

The film really does keep you guessing, and it's easy to see why such high calibre actors got involved with the project considering it's meagre budget; well at least by Hollywood standards anyway. Overall the film has good production values and it gets better and better right until the very last second, unlike many horror's which fizzle out like a cheap firework.

Can't recomend this anymore.

Reviewed on October 23, 2017

Utter, utter garbage. You will find porn movies with better plots than this. I would rather drink a cold glass of slightly watered down tomato sauce than endure the complete vehement abomination that is Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort.

The "rednecks" look like they have turned into aged brown leather since the first instalments of the series too, which ultimately sums up what these mediocre horror flicks have descended into... And for the actors who starred in this it's one step forward and two steps back up the slippy Hollywood slope.

Reviewed on October 20, 2017

All round enjoyable 90's action thriller starring the legendary Kurt Russell. The chase scene at the end is epic and one of the best i've seen. Certainly worth checking out.

Reviewed on October 17, 2017

A movie about male bonding that lacks any excitement in the adventure. One may find themselves "walking out" upon realising this.

Reviewed on October 11, 2017

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