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All round enjoyable 90's action thriller starring the legendary Kurt Russell. The chase scene at the end is epic and one of the best i've seen. Certainly worth checking out.

Reviewed on October 17, 2017

A movie about male bonding that lacks any excitement in the adventure. One may find themselves "walking out" upon realising this.

Reviewed on October 11, 2017

Wind River is set in the cold wildness of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. FBI detective Cory Lambert is sent from her post in Las Vegas there to investigate the rape and murder of an 18 year old girl found 5 miles inside the reservation.

My opinion of this film is very average, while it was very well made and acted out it made no sense whatsoever where it mattered; as a crime mystery. Judging by most peoples reviews on the internet they seem to have completely missed that point.

To highlight this for people who have seen it. The part where the detectives go to the camp where the gang of rapists committed their crime; were they already so convinced they would get caught that all hell needed to break out in a gun fight? No. This was supposed to be the climax of the film and it just made no sense at all, no being sly or devious just shooting and killing characters rather than actually making an exciting ending based on the unfolding "mystery". Such a waste, or could it be because there never really was that much to reveal?

Offers very little in the way of mystery, simply a bog standard crime drama that most reviewers gobbled up like dogs to a plate of hot chips because Jeremy Renner stars in it.

Do people really believe this is more compelling than titles such as "Zodiac"? Because in my books a beautiful backdrop and great cinematography don't cut the cake in this particular genre.

Reviewed on October 10, 2017

A great movie that far exceed my high expectations for this franchise; It's going to be one those movies that T.V stations play every single week ten years down the line. If you are looking for a film which has great classic scenes from Woody Harrelson, tons of actions along with a meaningful story and some quirky fun characters then Planet of the Apes is for you. And the CG works very well in this just like the others, probably as they spent an absolute fortune on it.

Reviewed on October 09, 2017

A truly twisted film.

Reviewed on September 13, 2017

This is my second time watching Rogue One and for some reason I enjoyed it better this time round. I love Star Wars a lot the story, concept, Characters and the actors,for Rogue One I guess I was a little too skeptical since this isn't really an addition to the story but as a movie it's great, action-packed and thrilling all the way through with superb CGI effects. The acting takes this Star Wars Series in a new direction but still strong and very precise much like the previous recent Star Wars movies without losing that lighthearted touch of comedy.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good watch.

Reviewed on August 30, 2017

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