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Latest Reviews

Kept me interested throughout but towards the end, it just turned into art connoisseurs wet dream.

Reviewed on July 05, 2018

The only thing that kept me watching this one was the fight scenes.

Yes Escape Plan 2: Hades was pretty bad and a wasted opportunity because the original was awesome.

What was with those 3 legion dudes? In every scene, their only lines were to repeat "we are legion" and they apparently had the time to put on tonnes of makeup on every day despite being in one of the most soul-destroying prisons on Earth.

Worth watching but expect a parody of "Escape Plan" rather than a sequel.

Reviewed on July 05, 2018

This was like "Non-Stop" but with a less believable plot and tonnes of cgi that was easily recognisable. Worth a watch but certainly not one of Neeson's best movies.

It had lots of star power including the likes of Sam Neill but the whole story just seemed off-kilter. With that said all the acting was great and there were some really good action scenes.

Reviewed on April 06, 2018

A pretty decent movie, any horror fan will like this, though it is not without flaws.

Reviewed on March 06, 2018

Not massively impressed with this one, yes it had amazing visuals and competent acting, but that is to somewhat be expected with a movie that has a 100M+ budget and thousands of very talented people working on it.

"Welcome to the Jungle" did a massive injustice to 1995 film, because the core idea seemed have been made up on a whim. I always thought the first film was cool because the game was like some kind of an alternate reality which was supposed to be REAL, like a parallel world which was done brilliantly because even an eight-year-old could grasp that concept. This was expressed with the antagonist Van Pelt who was a turn-of-the-century hunter and made the film exciting... What did we get with this film, an N64 game? What a joke. It's also worth noting that Welcome to the Jungle, does not follow the concept Jumanji as Alan (Robin Williams) had aged 26 before coming back to our world.

Did I mention Antagonist? Yes Van Pelt appeared in the film but added nothing to it. Unbelievable, so I would sum this up as an action-packed blockbuster... with no wit, humour or villain. Which is the whole point of the Jumanji game.

Where could they take Jumanji in a future film? Give it online capabilities? Damn.

There is also a fun irony that maybe the producers didn't realise; game developers have to loop a lot of characters (those of you who have seen will understand) and keep plots minimalistic in order to fit it onto a disk. So are we saying that Jumanji has a memory limit? Or can we admit this branch of the franchise needs to be quashed?

Reviewed on March 06, 2018

Why this movie wasn't given any attention this year is mind boggling. It's the bookend to The Shape of Water, which also is an excellent film. The story mirrors 'Shape' with both its love and cruelty, empathy and fear and overall sadness and horror of what we do to survive. Taking place right before WWI (1914) it's a history lesson, per se, that lets us evaluate how far we've come as a race or how much more we have to learn as humans to understand the meaning of life on earth. Score is excellent and carries along the story line letting you escape with ease. The movie starts with the line "We're never very far from those we hate, for this very reason we shall never be truly close to those we love - an appalling fact.' The true meaning comes at the end of the film. Ray Stevenson is excellent as misanthrope Gruner. The cast rounds out with David Oakes and Aura Garrido in roles that must have been grueling to perform (especially Garrido in all that FX skin). This movie will stay with me as did The Shape of Water - I think even more so.

Reviewed on February 10, 2018

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